Is there any downtime after Polynucleotide Treatment?

Polynucleotide Treatment at Chippenham Pharmacy requires minimal to no downtime. You might experience slight redness or swelling immediately after the treatment, but this usually subsides quickly. You’ll receive detailed aftercare instructions to ensure a smooth recovery, and you can generally return to your daily activities immediately, following any specific advice provided during your consultation.

How soon will I see results from Polynucleotide Treatment?

Results vary by individual but generally, improvements in skin hydration and texture can be noticed within a few weeks of the first treatment. Optimal results, particularly in firmness and reduction of fine lines, typically develop over the following months as your skin naturally regenerates and produces more collagen and elastin.

What can I expect from my first Polynucleotide Treatment session?

During your first session, you will have a consultation with an experienced practitioner who will assess your skin and discuss your aesthetic goals. This is followed by the treatment, which involves minimal discomfort and is targeted to your specific skin needs. The session focuses on delivering a tailored experience aimed at improving skin hydration, texture,

What should I expect during my vaccination appointment?

During your appointment, our dedicated healthcare professionals will administer the vaccine and monitor you for any potential side effects. They will also provide you with information on how to manage any mild symptoms that may occur after receiving the vaccine. We encourage patients to ask any questions they have about the vaccine during their appointment.

What are the benefits of getting vaccinated against Covid-19?

Getting vaccinated not only offers personal protection against severe illness and hospitalisation from Covid-19, but it also helps reduce the spread of the virus within our community. As more people get vaccinated, we can start to build immunity and eventually reach herd immunity, protecting those who cannot get vaccinated due to medical reasons. This will

What Does a Contraception Service Entail?

At Chippenham Pharmacy, our contraception service offers: Personalised Consultation: Guidance on starting or continuing the oral contraceptive pill. Health Checks: Important assessments like blood pressure and BMI to ensure the safety and appropriateness of the contraception method. Privacy and Comfort: Our consultation rooms are designed for confidential and comfortable health discussions. Book your consultation today!

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